"Always remember that easy or difficult is not related to the experience of inner joy, you must learn to be happy regardless of external reality. Increased nerve causes unnecessary pain, decrease in energy. Teach yourself to be loving, compassionate, attentive to the environment, responsible for national and spiritual dimension. Believe you enlarge your power – the power of creation, healing power, power control of the national reality. Often with positive thoughts, we're loved, love yourself and your surroundings. Sprinkle length environment. It is time to change a welcome beginning. Believe that God forces and accompany you on your way. We're blessed … "

Ruth – "Release all the elements are energetic all levels – Fire, Water, Earth, Wind …

National aspect with any abnormalities in nature – floods, winds, fire, fire, earthquakes … This is a process of cleansing human nature. This process will accompany us throughout the 2011 year.Sometimes the knowledge and preparation are very important so we know to be in high energy. Fear of the changes, natural phenomena led to a fall, so we must be aware of our forces and not to be afraid. Today there is time to experience the high energy happily. This is not the time to conceal, divine energies are also sent within the national dimension, all the time. Have to believe it and connect with the divine energy that exists around us. "

thanks to Julia for the English translation